We are creating JOBS..!

I believe that. In fact, I know that.

Persistent poverty, increasing income inequality and slow job growth – further exacerbated by financial and economic crises and climate change – are critical constraints on economic and social progress. Promoting inclusive job-rich growth is a central challenge for all countries today. With global unemployment at historically high levels, there has never been a greater need to put employment at the centre of economic and social policies. Even among those who work, the extent of poverty underscores the need for a far greater number of productive and decent jobs. During the last financial year ELDIL’s strategy for promoting full, productive and freely chosen employment include the following key outcomes: coordinated and coherent policies to generate inclusive job-rich growth

CR Focus Areas !

Our sustainability strategy focuses on three broad areas:
1) High-impact initiatives that contribute to India’s development
2) Working with industry and other stakeholders on issues such as promoting corporate governance, job creation and regulatory enhancements skills development.
3) This includes giving our people, and the people of our country, the necessary skills to make a positive contribution to the future growth of our economy.
4) Projects to uplift the community
5) Giving time and resources to help communities, or particular people, for instance donations of food or blankets, Christmas parties for underprivileged children etc. You could get involved in some of these exciting projects.